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What are the additional features of a Pro plan?
What are the additional features of a Pro plan?
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The Pro plans allows you to have the following features:

  1. Use Generators: Generators allow you to form your own personalised template. You can mark a few personal fields editable which your team members can use to make their signatures while keeping the formatting same. Read more about it in How does a Generator work?

  2. Download Signatures: If you need the HTML file or want to download signatures, you can download it with your Pro membership in one easy click.

  3. Duplicate Signatures: You can duplicate signatures for your team members in one simple click. 

  4. Social Media Profiles: Unlock all the social media icons in the 'Social' tab with the Pro plan.

  5. G Suite integration: If you are a G Suite user, you can integrate your G Suite account to your SignMyEmails account. All the changes made in the signature will automatically be updated in your team members' accounts. 

  6. No SignMyEmails branding: Your signature would not have the SignMyEmails branding with any of the Pro plans.

Bonus feature:
If you opt for a Pro yearly plan, you can also get your signature customised from our design team for no additional cost. 

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