How to design a Signature?
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To design your signature, click on 'Create Signature' or visit the link

  1. Basic: Enter your personal details in the given fields which you would like to mention in your signature.
    To change the overall look or the order of the fields, you can change the template from the 'Templates' option given at the top of your Signature Preview.

  2. Social: Use this tab to add Social Media Profiles to your signature.
    The Free plan offers 4 social media profiles which can be added. You can drag the profile links to change the order of these profiles.

  3.  Options: Use this tab to change the formatting of the signature. You can set the primary and secondary colour, change the font family & font size, adjust the logo/avatar size and shape, and decide the separator for your fields.
    With the Pro plan, you can change the social media icon style, colour & shape to match with your branding. 

  4. Add-Ons: Use this tab to add various options at the bottom of your signature. You can use the Disclaimer option to add a disclaimer, the Banner option to add a banner, if you want to add additional images/awards/icons at the bottom placed horizontally - use the Badges option, use the Links option to add links, Quote option to add quotes, MobileApp option to redirect your recipients to download your mobile app, and the Meeting option to add meeting link in your signature. 

Additional Tip:
If you are looking for a specific template which could not be designed using our services, reach out to us with a
Custom Template Request on and our team will design & add the custom template for you in your account.

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