To install Email Signature in Apple Mail on your Mac, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure to use the Chrome Browser (Safari or Firefox will mess up the formatting of the signature).

  2. Click on the 'Copy Signature' button to copy your signature.

  3. In Apple Mail, go to Preferences > Signatures.

  4. Select your Mail account in column 1, & click on the '+' icon in column 2.

  5. Uncheck the 'Always match my default message font' (ignore if already unchecked)

  6. Paste (cmd+v) your signature and ensure in the 'Choose Signature' option, you have chosen the desired email signature.
    (You won't see the images but don't worry, you've done everything right!)

And we're done! Compose an email to find your signature right in place.

Good job, you!

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Please ensure you have unchecked the 'Always match my default message font' as mentioned in Step 5.

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